The Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

SpliceSplice, The Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship at SDSU College of Arts and Letters, is an anthology of peer-reviewed publications produced by undergraduate students in the Splice Collective. The journal’s goals are to promote research and creativity while providing a space for CAL students to build academic publishing skills.

Splice accepts submissions on a rolling (anytime) basis during the academic year. However, priority for placement in the annual issue, which comes out by May, is given to submissions received on or before the first Friday of Spring semester. The call for submissions flyer includes guidelines for formatting and further information. Please email [email protected] if you have questions.

To join the Splice Collective – a community of students who are passionate about CAL – email [email protected]. Members of the Collective participate in all aspects of the publication process, including submissions, review process, developmental editing, copy editing, production, and marketing.

Submit your work.

Past Issues

vol 5 coverVolume 5
Fall 2019
Editor-in-chief: Jana Jarvis
Editors: Miles Reyes, Indira Lofflin, Amber Reinhart, Chrystian Smith, Ali Schulz, and Dylan Corliss

vol 4 coverVolume 4
Spring 2018
Editors-in-chief: Samantha Cook and Erin Warshefski
Editors: Catherine A. Files, Jana Jarvis, Mallory Johnson, and Nia Johnson

vol 3 coverVolume 3
Spring 2017
Editors-in-chief: Andrea Alvarado and Jeremy Juybari
Editors: Asad Beck, Kayra Carrillo, Toshio Ferrazares, Nicholas Gallagher, Sabrina Hua, Jamey Keeton, Ryan LaMar, Joseph Miller, Nicole Spuehl

vol 2 coverVolume 2
Spring 2016
Editors-in-chief: Trevor Auldridge and Stav Geffner
Editors: Andrea Alvarado, Jeremy Juybari, Jon-Paul Lapeña, Mechelle Negrete, Angela Risi, Stephanie Romero, and John Mark Shorack

vol 1 coverVolume 1
Spring 2015
Editor-in-chief: Stav Geffner
Editors: Mackenzie Aiken, Trevor Auldridge, and Andrea Padilla