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The College of Arts & Letters (CAL) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the humanities and social sciences. Our programs explore the dynamics of human experiences, personal identities, cultural and cross-cultural expressions and practices, and philosophical beliefs regarding human life and existence. As a community of learners, students deepen their understanding of history and prehistory, literatures, languages, religions, gender, ethnicity, class and race, and social and political actions. Our faculty are highly qualified, recognized experts in their disciplines, who make excellence in teaching, as well as research their priority.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to honoring our intersecting socio-historical experiences with respect to diverse socially constructed variations that include race, ethnicity, language, culture, social class, national origin, immigration status, religion, colonial status, age, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, body diversity, as well as non-traditional, underrepresented, first-generation, and veteran status. Equity seeks to ensure that members of underrepresented and underresourced groups have similar outcomes as other groups. Inclusion challenges racism, sexism, classism, settler colonialism, and other forms of inequities and creates spaces where members of all groups are visible, valued, and can freely contribute to the community. Read more.

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Summer session courses offered through the College of Arts & Letters (CAL) can help you get ahead in your coursework and stay connected to your professors and the campus. Take a class no matter where you are -- choose an online or on-campus course in three short sessions.

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