Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The minor consists of 21 units including the following:

  • 3 units of preparation for the major such as:
    • Sustainable Places and Practices
    • Environmental Science
    • Cultural Aspects of Food and Nutrition

  • 9 units of core courses that introduce students to key topics in food studies such as:
    • Anthropology of Food and Eating
    • Food Cultures in Europe
    • Feeding the World
    • Food, Place, and Culture
    • Food Ethics
    • Food Justice

  • 6 units of specialization to be selected from almost 50 courses in 15 programs

  • 3 units of experiential learning including undergraduate research, internship, service learning, and study abroad experiences.

Please consult the SDSU course catalog or the student roadmap for details. Keep in mind that, given the interdisciplinary nature of the program, there is a certain level of flexibility in the curriculum and, when appropriate, your adviser may allow you to substitute courses to better tailor your coursework to your personal interests and career goals.

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