CAL Student Research Symposium Winners

May 2, 2022
Grace deVega

Fourteen CAL students among 77 winners during the spring event that showcased research, scholarship, and creative activities. One student wins first-place at the CSU Research Symposium.

President's Award and First-Place at the CSU Research Symposium on April 29+30

Grace deVega (History)
Spreading the Love: Comparing the 1986 Nonviolent Revolution in the Philippines to the 1989 Velvet Revolutions in Eastern Europe
Mentor: Pierre Asselin

President's Award

Michelle Jeliazkov (Political Science)
Crime Reporting and the Formation of Place Identity in Cape Town Communities
Mentor:  Kristen Hill Maher
Co-presenter: Renee Owens

Maximus Miesner (History)
Who He Is: The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of David Ruffin’s Post-Temptation Career
Mentor: Andrew Wiese

Provost's Award

Arts and Letters

Savannah Taylor (Sociology)
Sexual Orientation and Self-rated Health
Mentor: Audrey Beck

Michael Rumfola (Marketing)
Mapping the Everyday Lives of the Houseless    
Mentor: Bruce Appleyard (School of Public Affairs)  
Co-presenters: Julia Stasio, Athziri Flores, Mia Almanza


Alexandra Spencer (Sociology and Criminal Justice)
Examining the Emotional Labor Performed by Probation and Parole Staff
Mentor: Kimberly Kras (PSFA)

Dean’s Award: Arts and Letters

Denisse Vera Romo (Political Science)
Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya in Comparison to Somalia
Mentor: Cheryl O'Brien

Catherine Drzewiecki (History)
Amerasian Diplomacy (or Lack Thereof): The Cold War Relationship Between the United States and the Philippines
Mentor: Elizabeth Pollard

Library Award

Christine Jacobites (History)
The World’s First Attempt at Monotheism? A Closer Look at Akhenaten’s Religious Reforms
Mentor: Walter Penrose

Outstanding Creative and Performing Arts Award

Nancy Bahena (Women’s Studies)
Latinas in San Diego Informal economies during the COVID-19 pandemic
Mentor: Irene Lara

Charles Wei-hsun Fu Foundation Philosophy Award

Mariel Valle (Philosophy)
The Conundrum of Child Upbringing
Mentor: Sandra Wawrytko

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Award

Rebekah O’Donnell (Sociology)
Systematic Review Process
Mentor: Audrey Beck

Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

Anna Kelley (Sociology)
Underappreciated Labor: College Students and the Job Search
Mentor: Daniel Davis

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