Faculty Celebrate 25 Years

May 2, 2022
(L to R): Maria Ibarra, Risa Levitt, Betty Samraj, Peter Herman, and Andrew Wiese.

CAL faculty were recognized for their commitment to the College of Arts and Letters during a morning reception on the Arts and Letters 6th-floor patio on May 2.  

Dean Casper shared her gratitude and appreciation for the faculty members who have served the college.

Gifts were distributed and those in attendance shared reflections about their time during the past 25 (or more) years. Those serving 26-28 years were also celebrated on this day, since their 25-year celebrations were postponed due to the pandemic. 

A deep sense of gratitude is extended to all 15 faculty: 

28 Years

Ryu Kitajima, Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages
Zheng-Sheng Zhang, Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages

27 years

Mark Wheeler, Philosophy
David Carruthers, Political Science

26 Years

Richard Boyd, Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Robert Francescotti, Philosophy
Peter Herman, English 
Doreen Mattingly (ret.), Women’s Studies
Andrew Wiese, History

25 Years

Steven Barbone, Philosophy
Angelo Corlett, Philosophy
Maria Ibarra, Chicana and Chicano Studies
Risa Levitt, Study of Religion
Ruth Liu, Sociology
Betty Samraj, Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages

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