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45 years of academic excellence

The Liberal Arts explores the dynamics of human experiences, personal identities, cultural and cross-cultural expressions and practices, and philosophical beliefs regarding human life and existence. As a community of learners, students deepen their understanding of history and prehistory, literatures, languages, religions, gender, ethnicity, class and race, and social and political actions.

Central to liberal arts education at San Diego State University, the College of Arts and Letters offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the humanities and social sciences through 18 academic departments and through interdisciplinary programs. The courses are designed to help students gain competencies required for professional life, lifelong learning, and citizenship in a global community.

Major in American Indian Studies

A major in American Indian Studies provides students with a liberal arts education that focuses on cultural diversity. Individuals will attain a broad understanding of the human condition closely related to public relations, cultural pluralism, and race relations. Students often pursue careers in mass media, politics, journalism, and education.

Study Abroad in India

Join us for a truly unique opportunity to visit and experience India. This year's program will be held in Kerala, Odisha (Orissa), Tamilnadu and Uttar Pradesh. Included in the program are visits to the birth places in India of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism; Indian space research center, Kovalam beach, the Taj Mahal, and more.

Graduate Program in English

The Department of English and Comparative Literature offers a graduate program leading to a Master of Arts degree. Our M.A. program provides opportunities for the advanced study of American, British, children’s, and comparative literatures as well as preparation for community college teaching and doctoral-level scholarship.

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