two students in a classroom, one writing on white board

Student Research

Various departments and centers in CAL have research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Student Research Opportunities in CAL

Research Opportunities at SDSU

SDSU has many research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. More information can be found on SDSU’s Research website.

Research and Writing Support for Students

SDSU’s Office for Graduate Student Life & Diversity offers professional development workshops

Student Research Symposium

SDSU’s Student Research Symposium is a two-day event every spring semester. 

Student Success Fees (SSF)

In the Spring of 2014, a new mandatory Student Success Fee (SSF) was approved, effective Fall 2014.  A portion of the fee (10%) is dedicated to enhancing student success through expanded Academic Related Programs. Academic Related Programs (ARPs) are defined as those activities and programs, which extend the formal learning experience in a course or academic program. They provide an opportunity for students to become engaged and involved in their education outside of their academic courses to enrich their overall educational experience. ARPs involve a faculty, staff, or campus administrator in a support role to the students working on specific projects.