Adapting and Advancing 

RobsonBy Robson Winter
CAL Student Council Representative
Freshman / Political science major, interdisciplinary studies minor

We have all heard it countless times by now. Whether it was in a class, a meeting, or a social “gathering” over Zoom, the phrase “This situation is not ideal, but...” always seems to come from one of the little boxes on your computer’s screen. Although this sentiment is well intended, it does not fully capture the situation in which we have found ourselves.

Of course these are unprecedented times. Yet, the thing about unprecedented times that people often forget, is that we get to set a new precedent. It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “Out of adversity, comes opportunity.”

San Diego State University, and more specifically the College of Arts and Letters (CAL), has clearly been pushed outside our comfort zone. Our whole approach to education and community was drastically changed in what felt like the blink of an eye. We were forced to adapt, but the great thing about adapting is we learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of. This forced, but possibly needed, growth can be seen all around the College of Arts and Letters.

One example is the CAL Council Instagram page. The council of students that stands to represent and support affiliated Registered Student Organizations of CAL, could suddenly no longer be in direct and in-person contact with its students. Instead of wallowing in how the situation was not ideal, they started to rely on the social media platform Instagram, led by the council’s Vice President of Publicity Adrianna Bozaich, to contact students and broadcast what was going on in the college.

Now by using the quickly growing page, hundreds of students can be reached and given important information in an instant. Even if the council returns to meeting in person, the use of Instagram as a tool to reach students will remain.

Rock the Vote, a campaign through Associated Students with the goal of increasing student civic engagement, which has a leadership team comprised mostly of students from the College of Arts and Letters, has also made similar adaptations. They built a brand new Instagram page and completely redesigned their website.

Through these two platforms, students had a brand new way of registering to vote and many more resources right at the tips of their fingers when going to vote. This accessibility and amount of voting information is more remarkable than any Rock the Vote campaign in recent memory.

As for the learning atmosphere in CAL, just about everyone misses in-person classes, but going forward many teachers will now have the tools and knowledge to be able to continue to reach students who might not be able to come to class. This will have lasting impacts on students, allowing them to continue their education at San Diego State University, no matter what they might be going through.

Yes, these have been remarkably hard times in our college’s history, but our endurance and continued growth speak volumes to the resilience and aptitude of the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members that make up our beloved college.