Fred J. Hansen Chair in Peace and Nonviolence

Almost twenty-five years ago, the Hansen Chair of Peace Studies was created at the College of Arts and Letters by the Fred J. Hansen Foundation. The goal was to support the professional activities of distinguished Arts and Letters social scientists whose scholarship promotes world peace and the nonviolent resolution of contentious politics.

University-wide, Hansen Chair programs promote the foundation’s vision of promoting world peace and healing differences through joint projects, respectful engagement, problem-solving, education, and social science research. The Hansen Chair is awarded to outstanding scholars in the College of Arts and Letters whose research and teaching focus on peace and nonviolence.

Rebecca Bartel, Ph.D.
Current Hansen Chair
Professor of Religious Studies

Fred J. Hansen immigrated to the United States from Denmark at the age of ten, settling in the San Diego area in the early twentieth century.  He was a successful businessman and among the first developers of large avocado orchards in the region. Foreign travel convinced Hansen that if adversaries could be encouraged to work together on projects of mutual benefit, conflict could be mitigated, and differences healed. Hansen designated a portion of his estate to promote this vision at SDSU and, more widely, in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Dipak Gupta
Professor of Public Administration & Urban Studies
Hansen Chair: 1998-2001

Brian Loveman
Professor of Political Science
Hansen Chair: 2001-2004

Dipak Gupta
Professor of Political Science
Hansen Chair: 2004-2011

Jonathan Graubart
Professor of Political Science
Hansen Chair: 2011-2016

Hank E. Johnson
Professor of Sociology
Hansen Chair: 2016-2021