John Fiske (political science ‘04) and His Wife Courtney Donate to Community Causes During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Leslie L.J. Reilly

Fiske Family

L to R: John Fiske, and his sons John Paul, Charles John, and wife Courtney.

John Fiske, attorney at Baron & Budd, (who recently received the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award for Environmental Law), and College of Arts & Letters political science alumnus, established the Fiske Family Foundation to support programs that promote public education and recreation for all.

“Public education and recreation provide the best opportunities for children of all backgrounds, economic situations, and abilities. Public education is often unfairly maligned, but I know of no greater single source of human success stories,” John Fiske said.

When it comes to the San Diego community, Fiske finds gratification when he engages in activities that “advocate for structures that benefit as many people in the best ways possible.”

Recently the Fiske Family Foundation found a way to benefit students in the Poway Unified School District with a $50,000 donation to support the district’s immediate nutrition and distance learning needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fiske attended schools and grew up in the district.

“In light of the urgent need to support PUSD children and their families in our community, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide support,” Fiske said. “While we do not know how long our country will endure this hardship, it is our hope that others will do what they can to see families and children through this difficult time.”

His foundation also assisted the North County Food Bank (part of the Cushman & Jacobs San Diego Food Bank), with a $10,000 donation. The donation will provide 50,000 meals to families impacted by public health orders caused by COVID–19. The North County Food Bank and Fiske Family Foundation have created a partnership to provide food relief to families in the community, many of whom are facing job loss and food insecurity at historic levels.

About his donations and the value of giving, Fiske said, “We don’t just want others to contribute, we feel it’s necessary for a successful community.”

Fiske added, “SDSU’s alumni are proof-positive of public education success stories — further highlighting the importance and value of donor support for public institutions.”

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