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Announcing the new Complex Human-Environment Systems (CHES) Center at SDSU

In partnership with SDSU, the SDSU Research Foundation, and the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences (CUES) at Peking University (PKU), the new Complex Human-Environment Systems (CHES) Center aims to promote scholarship, education, and outreach in the area of computational human-environmental science. The new center, led by Professor of Geography Li An, Ph.D., builds the capacity of SDSU and PKU to become leading research universities in human-environmental science. 

The center seeks to bring together researchers at SDSU, PKU, and beyond, to form a cluster of scholars engaged in externally funded, complementary research, integrating human and environment sciences that include ecology, biology, spatial science, geography, sociology, demography, and other related disciplines.

In the near future, the CHES Center will host students and scholars from China for Professor of Geography, Li An's newly secured National Science Foundation (NSF) project on Coupled Natural and Human Systems (CNH). "CNH-L: People, Place, and Payments in Complex Human-Environment Systems.”

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The CHES Center also received support from SDSU’s Department of Geography, College of Arts and Letters, and Stephen Welter, Vice President of Research and Graduate Dean.