Giving to the College of Arts and Letters (CAL)


Since its founding in 1897, San Diego State University has been a partner in the growth of our city, county, and region. At SDSU, we educate future leaders to make a difference on campus, within the community, across the nation, and around the world. But we don't do it alone. We do it through your generosity—through supporters like you—who strongly believe in San Diego State University.  

Your support helps students such as:

Katherine, who is a freshman from the Political Science program at SDSU. She plans to use her degree to become an attorney.

Katherine expressed her thankfulness for her scholarship: “My mother is a single parent. I could not have attended college without the support of Financial Aid and generous scholarships such as yours.” She also looks forward to supporting SDSU in the future, stating, “Hopefully, someday I can begin a scholarship for future aspiring law students.”

Emily, who is a senior whose study abroad experience in high school inspired her to major in history. Scholarships substantially helped her to pay for school.

Emily: “With the decline of the job market, money has been tight in my family. I was not even sure it would be possible for me to attend a four-year university. Thanks to your scholarship, receiving an education at SDSU became a real possibility for me.” 

Your faculty support provides funding for:             

  • innovative program development that enhances academic excellence of the college;
  • student and faculty leadership and involvement in important issues that affect the social, economic, and cultural life of San Diego; and
  • college engagement in the San Diego communities such as working with K-12 schools and diverse communities.

Thank you for your support through the years to San Diego State University.  Because of your generosity, we have many success stories. Your pride in SDSU has made us who we are today!

Please consider making a gift to the College of Arts and Letters at SDSU to help current students and faculty and join us in creating opportunities for future generations. Give safely and conveniently online.  I thank you in advance for your support to the College of Arts and Letters and San Diego State University.